So you’re wondering why I’m going hard for Oprah. I’m not really, I’m just frustrated at the scrutiny in which she is being put under and the double standard of race and gender in America.

Oprah Winfrey made a great speech. We all loved it. We thought it was wonderful she used her platform to share the story of Recy Taylor, Trump’s attacks on the media, and violence against women. Good job Oprah.

The speech moved people. Some folks on twitter started a hashtag. People started wondering if Oprah was getting ready to run for President. Not a one of those people were Oprah!

Instead of discussing the dismal atmosphere of the current state of politics, where people are so happy and refreshed to see someone speak eloquently, we went straight to attacking Oprah. Oprah is awful and she hangs out with rapists. She is responsible for Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. She is a neoliberal and will not save the world like the patron saint Bernie or super patron saint Jill. She hates black business. She is a joke and should not be taken seriously. That’s when my black woman bashing based in white supremacy senses started kicking in.

We’ve had an actor (Ronald Reagan) and a reality TV star who has been bankrupt multiple times (Orange Fuhrer) as president. One had no political experience and based a whole campaign based on xenophobia and the level of outrage when he announced his campaign bid was not on this level.

Antonio Sabato Jr. of ‘General Hospital’ fame is running an ultra-right campaign for a California House seat RIGHT NOW and no one is giving him the side eye. Mark Zuckerberg had been rumored to run for President and no one batted an eye. Mark Cuban has done the same and no one discussed his position as a reality star. Sonny Bono was a U.S. Representative. COOTER FROM DUKES OF HAZZARD was a U.S. representative from Georgia. COOTER y’all………..COOTER didn’t get that much push back. The Rock…..(holla) and Will Smith have toyed with the idea of being President and no one batted an eye.

Yall don’t see why I’m looking at yall crazy as you lose your minds?

I’m going to say this: No I don’t think Oprah should run for President. If she does I will be right with you in mentioning Dr. Phil Dr. Oz and the secret and all the other woo she starts peddling. Until then, I’m going to focus on the political climate in which celebrities making whole sentences and great points get some folks excited. Most of us know it’s a bad idea to have our celebrity worship determine our political choices.

Also, Queen Sugar on the O network is life. Don’t sleep on Ralph Angel and them.