I saw those Stephon Clark tweets. Yes, they are awful, and it doesn’t justify his murder, but I’m tired of toxic pick a mes and toxic men being mad that we aren’t all excited about those tweets.

There is no justification for his murder. No one is saying he deserved to get shot by police officers because he disliked black women. We’re not saying people shouldn’t care and demand justice for him. Some black women are just saying this isn’t our burden to carry. That’s ok.

This is the problem. Black women stay marching for everyone else and the only ones marching for us is………us.

Black women are allowed to say let the “exotics” he put up on a pedestal march for him. The fact is we weren’t his enemy. We aren’t the folks who killed him; we’re victims of the same system that allows these senseless deaths to happen. His death deserves justice, but it isn’t automatically up to the black women to demand it for him. If folks want to sit this one out, let them. God knows we’re there for everything else.

I hope he gets justice, but it isn’t up to black women to save the damn day each and every time, especially for someone who didn’t even like us. We’re always expected to forgive and forget as we continue to get shit on and carry the burden of those very people who hate us.

Sometimes it’s ok for a black woman to say “Nah”