They Can’t Be Racist, They Date Black People………

I often hear white people proclaim they can’t be racist because they have black friends or have dated or been in relationships with black people. Well…I can tell you that’s totally untrue.

I’ve been on Ancestry. com trying to learn my background. One thing I’ve always known is that on my maternal side, my mother’s family comes from a part of East Texas called Holland’s Quarter.

Holland’s Quarter was on land owned by Spearman Holland, Civil War hero.

He was a legislator for the Republic and later State of Texas and soldier. His brother; Bird Holland,was also a Civil War hero and legislator in Texas.

Bird took a liking to one of Spearman’s slaves. Her name was Matilda. He actually had seven children with her. He actually married her. He took three of his sons up north to be raised by abolitionists. His other children he kept in Texas with him.

This man had a long-standing inequitable relationship with a black woman and seven half black children. He couldn’t be racist, using the theory of white people who feel having a relationship with a black person makes them not racist.

WRONG. Bird Holland signed legislation that supported the continuation of slavery in Texas and designated black folks as inferior.

So he was fine with all the other negroes being inferior and being slaves, just not the one he knew, or better yet, actually made with his brother’s former slave.

People want to over simply race and racism and how it actually works. It’s complex, it’s long standing, and has a strong impact, even on people who don’t think they are racist.

People have a habit of being able to stereotype whole groups of people while excluding certain people of the very same group as something special or different. It’s cognitive dissonance at it’s finest.

It’s what America is all about.