My Tribute to Imogie Mubarak.. A life well spent.

So yesterday the 13th of July a memorial was held for our friend, brother, mentor and colleague Imogie mubarak AbdulWahab, venue was building and i must say it was a very emotional one. The thought of him not being with us really hit home and his family, friends and colleagues are still yet to fathom how life would be without him.

Mubarak was a very selfless, passionate and generous (almost to a fault) individual and he exhibited these traits both in his professional and personal life. He was always ready to help and never complained about anything. One particular trait on the lips of everyone who had a word to say about him was mubarak’s SELFLESS attitude towards everything, whether it was working on a project, speaking at an event or asking for advice; mubarak never turned down an opportunity to add VALUE. His friends and colleagues at Toptal and SwitchNG couldn't hold back tears while they spoke about him and at some point, i didn't realize when tears began to trickle down my own eyes.

I had the opportunity to meet with mubarak twice, first at our dribble meetup and also at the HackGrowthwithDesign event organized by Mr Wole Ogunlade and both encounters with him i must say are helping me shape my career path in design.
Sharing Knowledge at the #HackGrowthwithDesign event. Photo creditHenry

At our dribble meetup he spoke about “FREELANCING AND NOT DIEING” and gave some essential tips on how to balance your work life and personal life, emphasizing on striking a balance between them so one doesn't suffer for the other, immediately my mind flashed to when he talked about staying healthy, eating and sleeping right (this one i'm guilty of) to reduce your chances of falling sick as no client would like to hear you are sick after dem don pay you. His advise was “EAT, SLEEP and UNDERSTAND YOURSELF” in other to build a pattern or routine that will keep you fit with a sound mind.

Mubarak speaking at Dribble meetup. Photo credit: Rotimi Okungbaye

To wrap things up he emphasized on regular meetups and connecting with like-minds (Tech community) as this will not only help in those days you get bored but will also grow your network and connect you to the world to stay inspired; which he did a lot as he was a source of inspiration to each and everyone of us.

Mubarak may not be with us physically but his VALUES and LEGACY will continue to live and linger in our hearts forever. I am grateful to GOD, i met imogie mubarak and will cherish the few moments spent with him.

Dribbble Meetup: We took this one for the Gram.

I would like to endear us all to please emulate, live and uphold the VALUES this youngman lived for.

Remember: “Living is what we do while waiting to die”.

Adieu Imogie mubarak AbdulWahab

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