They have been married for five years and in the beginning every was cool-solid-but now they fight. Sometimes they fist fight; most of the time its just a shouting match. Stephanie knows exactly what to say to piss Justin off. Whenever they fight it’s like a gambler in a casino. The handles get pulled over and over again but the gambler cant accept the truth. Some coins fall out randomly but the gambler uses them for more pulls at the machines. The house always win.

He knows it would have been different if he and Stephanie did not have a kid. They sexed like rabbits for over two years before Steph got pregnant. He thought that her pregnancy was mostly her problem but he stuck around. Nine months their daughter Melissa was born. Justin loved his daughter in a way he never felt before, but her eyes bothered him sometime. When she stared at him the hair on the back of his neck stood up.