A Certain Shade of Green

Apple Music is on the verge of being released (as of this writing) which truthfully seemed disinteresting to me up until a few weeks ago. I’m a happy Spotify subscriber and yes, that does mean I pay for it. And honestly I love it. It’s a great service with easy, integrated functionality that has made my transition away from ownership deadly simple.

Yet here I am ready to cancel my Spotify subscription on Tuesday morning.



Via: My iPhone.

Do you see what I see?

If you don’t. Let me explain.

Twoish (that’s a word in my vocabulary) weeks ago I was happily being myself which doesn’t account for much. Going through the daily motions of my rather mundane life when I got an update for Spotify. “No worries” I thought to myself. After all, apps get updated all the time, it’s a part of the digital world we live in.

But that change in the logos color.

Here’s the transition from before to current via: Trusted Reviews

Two weeks later and it still makes my eyes want to vomit. Seriously, who was the moron who thought that that specific shade of green would be a good idea? Of all things too!

Like. Hold on. Let me fire up Photoshop.

So I found out that the name for this shade of green is “1ed760”. And while I was in Photoshop I decided that maybe I’d like to see a different shade of green. Browsing I came upon this green, 2bd71e.

And this is the result.

Personally I like it better.

Maybe if Spotify had any sense in color I wouldn’t be canceling my subscription for something less ugly.

Still Ugly
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