Are You Kidding Me Amazon


So was sitting down at my computer looking for something to download after a friend of mine gave me a gift card. Nothing particular, but something I would enjoy for the Megabus ride back to Pittsburgh on Friday. Something I hadn’t binged on Netflix.

It was difficult.

But I finally settled on a copy of Louis C.K’s excellent stand-up special, Shameless.

Something I will flat out admit to watching, possibly illegally, years ago on YouTube back before it got taken down. So it was with great interest that I finally wanted to pay for it and laugh at some really good stand-up comedy.

With jokes like Awesome Possum, Duck Vaginas and Go Suck a Bag of Dicks being the standouts.

So it was with great frustration that I found out about 10mins ago that I cannot download this special to my computer. That the video I (legally) obtained cannot be installed on my computer.

As the screenshot above shows I can:

  1. Stream it
  2. Download to a Kindle Fire
  3. Install it on either an iPad or iPhone
  4. Or actually, of all things, install it on TiVo

What the hell!?

Being that I’m not always in a wifi zone with my computer and that maybe when those situations arise that maybe I would like to have something to watch.

Something like a video?

Which may be why I was shopping to begin with.

So why should I buy from you, Amazon, in the future when all I’m getting is an extension of a rented video with absolutely zero control over how and where I chose to watch it?

This is pretty f—-ing stupid.

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