“My thoughts and prayers go out to…”

Every time a tragedy happens my social media feeds light up with the same predictability only to fade into obscurity once the tragedy taking place happens. And almost every time almost like a predestined clock I keep seeing the words (I’ll paraphrase) “My thoughts and prayers go out to…”

It makes me stop.

I’m not one to believe in the power of prayer.

But because I wanna know more. I wanna know how to help. Give me a tool, references to resources or resources themselves to give those who have just been affected a means to recovery.


These tragedies happen across the globe with such ruthless frequency on a per-minute basis. There are people dying and suffering all over the world from things as diverse as starvation to genocide to class-warfare to not being able to download an iPhone update. I wanna see people have the tools help those people.

When I open up my phone, my computer, a paper or anything that serves as a connection to the larger societies I see that prayer is a waste. It’s almost laughable how self-centered it is. That maybe a greater power cares enough to act.

It isn’t happening. It hasn’t happened. I don’t wanna hear a bunch of people offer a virtual moment of prayer.

I wanna see results.

So far the only results are the ones we make. The results that we contribute to through our own energies, skill-sets,moneys or presence. We,as people, are the ones in charge of creating the responses. And it’s that borderline blissful ignorance of prayer that seems to convince people that they are helping even though they really aren’t.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people who will die due to the ignorance of this sentence and my inability to help you.