Netflix is Testing Ads

According to a report from Cordcuttersnews, which due to some sort of irony isn’t working right now,

I’ll link it later. Or never. I haven’t decide yet.

Netflix has begun a limited rollout of ads to a very small portion of its user-base. It’s limited to an already limited Xbox One install base alongside select Roku and TiVo users with no clarification as to whether Netflix plans to take this “experiment” any farther beyond the current targeted users currently awakening to a reality where they are watching ads for Netflix content before or after watching Netflix shows on Netflix.


But perhaps it’s a taste of a future where Netflix needs to sell us ads alongside our monthly subscription (which will also probably increase) to raise the revenue needed to continue to funnel us shows that we’ve probably seen over a dozen times.

Until then. Here’s Ron Swanson eating a banana.