Please Leave My Nostalgia Alone

As I get older, growing to a point where I can begin to look back at my past with the benefit of age and time, I can’t help but get a little cynical about all those reboots/mash-ups or whatever the hell they are calling these throwbacks to the mid-90’s to early-000’s.

To engage me, a…. millennial, for no other reason then to farm me for my moneys. That’s how economics work right? Companies and individuals think of creative and thrifty ways to make and market a product that’d get me to drop over dead unless I don’t own that thing. Therefore making me a participant in the consumerists culture and keeping America safe from Communists. Or something like that.

Those shows, the music and the times. They were unique. I do wish that these companies forcing countless reboots and relaunches would recognize that some things are best left in the past because revisiting them outside of the times can skewer and distort those pleasant memories into something bad. And it wasn’t just the medium. Things existed outside that 90’s zeitgeist that impacted my life just as much. Talking about those shows and stuff brings up memories of elementary school, family life, other life things that as a kid I was too innocent to understand.

Yet those memories and moments remain in the past because they simply are unrepeatable. I’ll never feel those feels with the people, some of whom might not even be in my life anymore. I’ll never been seven and experiencing my first crush on a girl (who turned out to be a total bitch (no like I’m still bitter)) or nine and seeing the first episode of Spongebob Squarepants. I’ll never be six, moving between my parents places after a divorce, with the only relief from an otherwise depressing reality being an episode of Doug.

I can tell the next few years are going to have me sounding like a bitter old man at my ripe age of 24.

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