“Let’s do it! Everyone is doing it too!”

No one really thinks about it and asks why everyone is doing “it” in the first place.

It’s not a big mystery. People are scared to feel left out. It’s normal. The feeling of belonging is pretty much engraved in our DNA, like in other living things on this earth. Animals are a good example. They travel in herds because they feel that united they are stronger than individually. That might actually be the case, because most animals know only one thing. Eat or get eaten (of course I am only referring to the non-herbivorous animals).

We humans however live in a much more sophisticated and complex state of mind. We have the right to choose for ourselves what is best for us and what we want to be doing. However, the feeling of not being included sometimes still persists and therefore you occasionally do things that you don’t want to be doing only because “everyone’s doing it”.

What this means is that you would compromise your own needs and wants, because you are afraid to be different, afraid to be left by your “herd”. Well, it’s not like that at all. In our society, with all the possibilities, opportunities and freedom we have, you can choose what and who you want to be and the best news is that no one is going to try to eat you! ;)

So why be afraid to do what you actually want or don’t want to be doing only because you are pressured to conform to your peers? Individuality is what makes life interesting. It brings out the best in each person and opens you up to much more perspectives on life.

Therefore be the person who doesn’t go with the flow and agrees, but instead be the person who says “No, let’s do this because NO ONE is doing that!”

Yeah…. I’ve heard that quite as many times as you probably. Mostly around friends, classmates or family.

Seems like a normal thing to say to encourage the person that you want to be doing “it” with.