A case study of how to use carousels for strong growth in 9 steps

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So, what’s the big deal about Instagram carousels, you may ask?

Instagram carousels were launched as a new Instagram feature in late 2017.

The idea behind it is to showcase more content and engage your audience for longer periods of time.

Because the actual mechanics of the “finger swiping” change from scrolling to swiping, data proves that Instagram users become more immersed in your content by consciously choosing to STOP and consume it.

One of the early problems of Instagram carousels was the design of the feature. In fact, still to this day, it is not always obvious that a post is “swipeable”. …

In 2020, this button does nothing for your marketing

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If you have ever managed a Business Page on Facebook, you will have no doubt seen the “Boost” post feature.

The blue button at the bottom right corner of every post… Yes! That one.

So, You’ve written the most epic Facebook post — feels perfect! It’s valuable, on-brand, perhaps informative; that perfect mix between aspirational and commercial encapturing all those emotional triggers of your target audience.

You re-read your meticulous well-written copy and admire the evocative creative. “I’m a genius!”


Then something hits you. It’s a sinking feeling.

Who will even see your post? Will anybody like and/or comment?

It is true. …

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

A timeline sequence of what actually happened!

No One Told Me This Would Happen, During, a 24 hour Fast.

It was 2 days before the new year and I wanted to try something different. Something to really shock my body. Something I hadn’t tried before.

I had done intermittent fasting before but never gone a full day without eating.

This time I decided to take the leap and see the benefits (if any) of hard-resetting my body through 24 hrs of only drinking water.


After a long, challenging and defining 2019 I was simply ready for a full system reset.

I was in Bali, fresh off a full weekend of purification with a Shaman (which was absolutely incredible, but we’ll leave this story for another time), and the time felt absolutely right. …

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Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

By understanding the power of language.

“The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.” — Terence McKenna

That’s a good one, isn’t it… And it’s NOT even part of the six I am about to share with you.

Language is the tool that allows the mind to know what it’s thinking and prevail over instinct (in most cases).

It allows us to create a virtual world in our heads, and pull the present forward to meet that. …

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Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

And practicing self-love to access the next level of your life.

Self-love. For some people an unexplored frontier, for many others, a concept that conjures images of tree-hugging hippies and cheesy self-help books.

7 Billion of us on this planet, and only a few seem to master it!

Its a day after Christmas and I am sitting on a peaceful verandah in the middle of the Indonesian jungle, in Ubud (Bali).

I am here to search, to reenergize and to heal.

I am here to practice self-love through the discovery of

This article has been a long time coming and below, we take a look at some of the things that you can do to better love yourself in 2020. …

In today’s online environment there are waaaay too many ecom softwares to choose from — realistically your business needs 4.

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You want to know the truth?

There are about 62 email marketing automation tools you can choose from, about a million different advertising tools, and at least as many upselling/cross-selling tools and CRM tracking systems.

I feel ya!! It just gets all too confusing and overwhelming after a while.

Especially if you’re not necessarily an expert.

That’s why we have spent time to research, what we believe 4 of the top ecommerce tools on the market.

Here’s the full list, what each tool does, and why we think you should use it

1. KIT

  • Price: Free (with a Basic Shopify Plan or…

But what does that mean for your business?

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Essentially likes still effect the platform’s algorithm and they always will. But now… The effects only happen in a more back-end kind of way.

As we all know, instagrammers are no longer embarrassed, pressured or (hopefully) pushed to delete posts based on their Like performance. We are basically all free….

But what does hiding Instagram Likes mean for businesses, brands and Social Media Managers? What does a world without Instagram Likes look like and how do you even #deal anymore without this function?

Here’s a 4 step guide of what your brand of business needs to focus on to keep up with the…

Retention > Acquisition.

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One of the ways a business builds its brand is to tap into the emotions of its audience. The way a customer and client work together and communicate can build long-lasting, meaningful relationships that turn clients into fans, and fans into clients. You can actually set out to build these relationships by using emotional marketing techniques.

1. Show Them That You Know Them

The more research you do into the needs and desires of your target audience, the more your audience will be able to tell that you are interested in them. When you show interest in them, it will make them interested in your business and you. …

And the scientific proof behind it… (Yes! Even if you are a woman).

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I have a brain…

You have a brain…

We have a brain!

Yes, We have a brain with billions of neurons and many trillion of connections, but we seem incapable of doing multiple things at the same time.

What? Are you serious…

You’ve guess it!

Sadly, multitasking does not exist, and the short answer to whether people can really multitask is NO. At least not as we think about it.

We instead switch tasks. Our brain chooses which information to process. For example, if you listen to speech, your visual cortex becomes less active, so when you talk on the phone to a client and work on your computer at the same time, you literally hear less of what the client is saying. …

(Four ways that actually WORK!!)

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If you are a professional service provider i can almost guarantee that you have been ghosted a number of times in your career.

Ever sent a proposal or been in a really promising meeting or phone call that you thought was going to convert, only to be left with radio silence and zero response?

We’ve all been there..

“So what’s the deal.. Why do people ghost me if they were making it seem like they wanted my services?”

People are legitimately busy!

But think about it like this.. If they are too busy to make a decision on a service that will change their business then maybe they don’t have a problem that’s painful enough to solve? …


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