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Since we launched Maple Loans in February we thought hard about how to improve the UX for you. We thought, we iterated and now we’ve shipped 📦

We are thrilled to unveil the new Maple Loans front end.

Maple Loans started as a proof of concept in February 2020 after an epic 5 week sprint taking it from 💭 to live on mainnet. Rapid prototyping is great but the front end needed to catch up to delight our users 🥳. It needed to be EASY TO JOIN, EASY TO LEND and EASY TO BORROW.


🗝️ Login with Google, Facebook or Discord

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🔎 Browse Lending communities and Join

Request to join as a Lender or Borrower in 2 Clicks. …

Maple is proud to announce the first loan in a new category to Alex Masmej. Maple has partnered with MetaFactory to support the launch of their Brand Factories concept. 🥞 ➕ 🤖

This is part of Maple’s vision of providing lending tech for lenders and businesses to improve their reach and customer experience.

“Fash Loans…”

The Maple loan to Masmej let him participate in the Genesis Auction for MetaFactory’s signature brand. The top 42 bidders received membership in the MetaFactory brand, entitling them to governance rights and special perks proportionate to their bids.

Winning bidders receive the limited edition MF Bomber (see below) and a matching Cryptovoxels digital version. Each MF Bomber contains a 🔑 MetaFactory Secure Enclave, a state-of-the-art microchip which cryptographically proves authenticity and ownership. …

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Maple Loans is proud to announce it’s supporting DeFi’s first undercollateralized loan to a DAO 🎉 This paves the way for other DAOs to borrow in future.

Members of Unstoppable Lending community on can fund part of the loan (in increments of 10 DAI) and earn 14% APR over 12 months (compared with 4.75% on Compound as at 20 March 2020).

BrightID loves to push the boundaries of what is possible with DAOs and we are excited to be working with Maple to show that a DAO can be an excellent borrower.


Sidney Powell

Co-Founder @maplefinance 🥞 | @sidbpowell

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