Jolly good Giffy news on book #3!

Press release:

Pdf here.

The podcast is available for free on iTunes, and Soundcloud.

Just four more chapters to write, and three more versions. That’s about seven hundred and nine cups of Lung Jing to drink, a thousand odd pages to read, four hundred and twelve possibly useful links to dismiss, a quarter inch of receding hairline to absorb. And just nine more silent sobs in my pillow.

We’ll get there!

Especially with the great support by and ideas from my agent Lolies van Grunsven, my publisher/editor Elik Lattinga’s keen eye and vision, the staff at Nijgh, the cherished friendship of my dear friends both far and close, and of course the love of my lovely, lovely lady A.

I’m tremendously grateful for all of your help. Thank you.


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