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The Thundering Herd

You’ve followed everyone's advice and built a stateless application. The data isn’t in your app server and therefore, when you receive a request, you query the database. Your code looks something like the following with the database swapped out for simplicity:

We can test the server with a quick…

I had to capture metrics from a service I couldn’t directly access. The go standard library ships with a reverse proxy implementation 🤯. By proxying client requests to the service I was able to capture metrics without modifying the service itself.

What is a Reverse Proxy?

“In computer networks , a reverse proxy is a…

Let’s extend Weave Scope by adding links to a Kubernetes resource dashboard.

Understanding application topology is difficult, if not impossible via Kubernetes dashboard table views.

Here at IBM Cloud Private, we want to deliver a productive user experience. Users should be able to visually understand, monitor, and manage their workloads…

Sidney Wijngaarde

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