I’m not saying React is a bad choice, I’m surprised by how big the community is and there’s a good reason for it, but jQuery is bigger and that doesn’t make it a good framework / library for the project we wanted to do.
Why we moved from Angular 2 to Vue.js (and why we didn’t choose React)
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What a completely pointless statement. Bootstrap has a really big community and that also doesn’t make it good to use, but you do.

It would appear this comparison is just your opinion based on speed of development, transition and no other metric bar maybe popularity. It would be nice to mention performance, integration to testing and future proofing etc.

In truth you moved from Angular 2 to Vue because you felt it would be the easiest for your team who have a big issue of legacy code to deal with. I don’t disagree with your choice as vue is a good cog in any tool stack, but I just get disgruntled at articles that compare things and show obvious bias.

Good luck with the next version!

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