i’m afraid of speaking in public.

It’s not that new people are monsters. But i feel that they have ego and attitude. I take time to be frank with people. Actually i don’t wanna be with new people. I just have one friend from last four years. I talk to other fellows in class but just for the sake of study related issues. I’m “Girl’s Representative(GR)of my class. But still i’m afraid of speaking in public. I give presentations but i shiver on stage. I don’t go out with friends and family for hangover.

Even in AMAL sessions i don’t talk to anybody. It’s not like i’m not afraid of them it’s just that i think they attitude and ego. So i don’t wanna talk to anybody there. But i have to get over this fear as soon as possible.

2. Three tasks i have to do for achieving this goal:

  1. I have to take part in debates.
  2. I have to ask questions in class.
  3. I have to talk to people when i meet new one.
  4. i am doing one task that is i’m running my shop at home and trying to talk to people in order to overcome this challenge.

I can not complete these tasks because i have summer vacations. I’m not going to college these days. But i’ll try to get over it in AMAL sessions.