Khudi and Self Learning

Edhi sb used one of the amal principle “khudi.

As there is a paragraph in the chapter “Due to the sharing of money, searching for human interest stories became a pastime that sharpened my instincts and enabled me to differentiate between poor and lazy. Although Bantva was prosperous many poor basti’s surrounded it. I would inquire about the conditions and problems of poor settlers, relate them to my mother who would send me back with edibles and medicines.”

Another paragraph is “My willpower was very strong in the time of trouble and i would not change my course easily, it was in fact this attitude that established me as leader of my group.”

One paragraph that relates to my experience is

Lying on the edge, looking at the sky, wondering at world and why i was in it, i would think,”why have i been sent here? To do what? My mother would come to the doorway and scold me for being awake so late, “what do you think about all the night?” i had nothing to tell her.”

The same is my experience i also think ever that why i am here? Why i am sent? My mother brought us (my sister and i) up alone by running a shop. After reaching to some maturity i thought that i’m here to serve my mother. I am what i am now is just because of my mother’s efforts. So i am here to be a son to her. I was in the mid of 5th semester of MBA my mother died. It happened 10 months ago. Now i’m again thinking why i’m here. Now MAMA is not with us. What should i do now? I have no idea what my passion is?