Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro Technique

Try This Technique

To overcome procrastination I thought to utilize the pomodoro technique by listening the TED talk of Tim Urban. I am a procrastinator who delays the task and wait for the last minutes to do it and deliberately look for the distraction and can’t able to focus on the task. So I intend to try the Pomodoro technique to overcome this delaying habit and check whether this technique suits me or not.

I took up the task that I have to write this blog in 25 minutes and completely focus on it while doing this without attracted to other things like social media, TV and food etc. So I decided this task and set an alarm for 25 minutes. Initially due to excitement of experiencing new technique I worked for 15 minutes properly without any distraction but at 16 minute my phone rang with a message bell and my all attention start to diverting to think who’s messaged or may be someone comment on my post or like it, let me check it may took less than 1 minute and I waste my 5 minutes while thinking this whether I check my phone notification or not?

Procrastinator Mind

So as usual as procrastinator I distracted before the alarm rang. But I don’t gave up and start my task again and set an alarm of 25 minutes again and this time I tried myself no to get distracted to any other activity and I have to work with my full focus and reminding these words in my mind that,’The best way to get something done is to begin’. This time I got distracted because my lovely cat and started playing with her and after some minutes I realize that I am wasting my time and will not able to meet the deadline so I get back to my task again and complete it in 31 minutes because of distraction and can’t meet 25 minutes but I was happy that I get my work done near to deadline time and realized that if I follow this technique again and again in future then I will able to overcome or get rid of procrastination habit.

If we take short breaks after quarter or half work done and take long breaks 15–20 minutes and completing the whole work it will be more helpful in adapting the pomodoro technique and these breaks also satisfy our procrastinator monkey which present in our minds and deliberately divert our mind during performing tasks and meeting deadlines.

According to my first experience this technique seems best to me for procrastinators like me and it was very helpful if we set time limits for every task and try to meet these time deadlines. As someone said that,’Things may come to those who wait,but only the things left by those who hustle’.Yes it is true that in recent times social media and other activities are become necessary in our daily lifestyle but we must have develop the sense of urgency in us and try to manage time for all of these activities and try not to delay the important tasks because of these distracting activities. Pomodoro technique help us to achieve our goals properly and didn’t give us a chance to lost our opportunities in hustle.I have learned a lot from this activity and will share with my friends and family and ask them to follow this technique too.