Five Randoms Acts of # Kindness

Show Kindness as your habit

In Amal Career_Prep fellowship we come up with a new activity that we have to make kindness our habit not a hobby. This is something that forced us to do brainstorming that how many times we randomly do different acts of kindness on daily basis? Well the answer is pretty confused as we never pay attention to this sacred obligation or purpose of our lives. Kindness never give us money or wealth in-return instead of pure satisfaction that we make difference in someone else life.

Well we come up with activity in fellowship that we have to do 5 random act of kindness in a day. My first act of kindness that I helped my mother in all household chores and prepare special lunch and dinner for whole family. I do this act many times in a month but this time I done it with special feelings and proper attention. My second act of kindness that I have shared the lunch which I prepared myself with our street guard and offered him to do a lunch in our home with my brother and his smile with gratitude makes my day. It makes me eternally happy.

My third act of kindness that I boiled chicken for my Persian cat and also give milk bowl myself to two of her little kittens. And spend a hour while playing with them. My fourth act of kindness that I have give 2 pair of my clothes to my maid, 1 for her and 1 for her daughter , and my this act made her day and her smile and wishes for me made my day blessed. My fifth and last step of Kindness that I have liked the post of my friends on Facebook and also give comments on some posts.

This activity realized me and made me think that showing kindness on regular basis didn’t waste our time but it makes our time best as at some point we are spreading smile while doing this and also satisfying ourselves that we are doing something that is creating difference to our society. So I intend that I’ll make kindness as my habit instead of hobby.

Make a Difference
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