Khudi and Self Learning


Great Philanthropist — Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi

Sir Edhi is always the source of inspiration for youngsters when it comes to work for humanity. He is a great philanthropist and a very kind press and serve humanity in a way that no one can do. His Humanitarianism remains him fresh and helper till the last breath of life. He proves this sentence ‘Man humanity is better than his inhumanity’.

I have read some part of Edhi biography and impress by one of his childhood incident or this also bi called as a life changing incident, when he helped a man who was lying on street. That man was wounded and also shivering with fever. Edhi Sb console him by giving food and medicines, and at this time of life he realized the sense of humanitarianism and know the value of charity by just starting it.

So, i can relate this Edhi Sb event with also my one of the life incident. Last year a team from blood bank come to our university and ask us to donate the blood for patient of different diseases who needs blood on urgent basis like in thalassemia,sickle cell anemia, blood cancer and during delivery times. My whole class think that they are fooling us or girls should never donate blood because its unhealthy for them and get swelled after donating blood.

But i took the initiative to donate 1 bottle of blood and also gather money from all of my friends to help them because as a science student i know reasons why the blood needed mostly at urgent basis. It doesn’t left any effect any on my health but instead it refreshes me. And from that incident me and my family members donates blood and money to blood banks. We just start it (AMAL) ignoring myths. This incident taught me how the amal is important and how it change the life like it changes Edhi Sb life. So, Amal is the principle of success which is chose by Edhi Sb and this principle made his life purposeful and he become the source of inspiration for millions.



Tolerance learning is my #Just start project of this week. I chose it because i consider that sometime my reactions are intolerable towards different situations and didn’t listen other opinions respectfully and try to impose my views on others as considering that i am totally correct without properly analyzing my view/opinion. So, that’s why i select this #Just start project which seems to be easy but a very tough one in this extremist era.

I want to achieve this goal because i think one should have the enough ability to tolerate other opinions/actions/differences respectfully and try to understand their situation. The second main reason if I acquire or achieve that quality i’ll never be hyper easily without any basic reasons and be able to listen and understand other critics and analysis them wisely and then make my own right opinion. Thirdly by tolerance my level to respect others will be increased incredibly.

I have tried many times before to learn tolerance but not succeed because i don’t know its importance in social,practical and personal life. Secondly i have never take serious steps and never tried to achieve it through proper planning.

Now to achieve this goal i have break my planning and methodology into three steps;

FIRST: Try to tolerate others in difficult conditions

(a) Try to understand their situation

(b) listen their explanation

(C) Address a conflict in a understanding way

SECOND: Developing a tolerating look

(a) By valuing differences

(b) Analyzing your intolerant feelings

(c) Strengthen your own self-esteem

THIRD: Ignore your own difference

(a) Accept people as they are

(b) Respecting other religion,sects.cultures,societies etc

Well completing these tasks are very difficult then to plan them. Because try to accept unacceptable behavior/opinion ignoring your differences is not easy to chew. So i started my project/goal humbly and executed it step by step to learn life-long experience from it. The challenges i have faced during experiencing it is to suppress my self-esteem, maintain my tolerant look till the end of conversation. My allover experience from this learning that if we tried to tolerate then there is no battle in the world that we can’t achieve with negotiation because tolerating ability made us able to listen others and try to find a middle-way between two opponents.

My next steps to this goal is that i’ll try to maintain this ability always and everywhere. Strengthen my skills to listen to others opinion and then try to put my view in a good and accepting way instead imposing it. Weight-age others opinions and actions by ignoring my differences and try to foster my self-esteem.

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