Sincerity is the biggest thing which can help you win others hearts. It’s a magical phenomenon which can melt cold hearts. This little act of sincerity can make your life full of love and security.

And you know what sometimes you really don’t have to do big things to make other person realize that how sincere you are to him. All you have to do is just to listens them with care and attention even without saying any word or providing any solution to their problem. And I learned that thing from the housemaid who came to our house. She is doing her job at home for six months and she is not in habit of talking much. She just came done all the chores and without any other gossip she left. She is a woman who is in her fifties and still doing housemaid job in around 5 houses. One day I was off from university and when she came she asked me, “Baji aj tussi college nahi gy” (have not you went to university today?). So, for me this is something quite strange like she has never asked such question to me but I replied that I have a day off from university. For me it’s like a starting point to have a conversation with her because I really have nothing to do. So I just started to ask minor question about here.

The first question I asked here was

Me: Have you had your breakfast?

Auntie: Yes

Me: Why you still do lots of work?

Auntie: I have to meet my family expense.

Me: But I think your children are married and all you have to do is just earn living for yourself and your husband (his husband is unable to do job because of his disability)

Auntie: Although they are married but they are still dependent on me. My son in law doesn’t do any kind of work. He is a complete loser and a sloth. So, I have to financially support her and help my daughter in earning livelihood that use to stitch clothes for earning money for her family. But this is not it I also have to support my son as well for him if I can support my daughter then I should support his as well.

Me: (She also told me a lot of other things about her family quarrels as well) and what I realized after listening her that she is full of worries and responsibilities. It’s just because her son and son –in- law are not recognizing their responsibilities.

In all this conversation you know what I do? Yes, I think you got it. I just listens her eagerly and carefully. At the end I just prayed for her. I even don’t say that you can solve your problem in this and that way because I was like speechless that how many problems she is having in her life.

After two days of this conversation a really interesting event happened. Before telling that event let me tell you that I used public transport for going university and there is almost 15 minutes walking distance between my home and bus stop. What happened on that day, I wasn’t aware that auntie was also in same bus and sitting behind my seat ( I was going back to home from university)? When I left the bus I heard someone calling my name and when I turned back I saw auntie calling me. She came towards me and said let me walk you home. Why don’t you call someone at home to pick you from stop? And I really tried that its okay for me like it’s a routine matter for me to walk to home. But she insisted and I let her walk me home.

For many of you it’s strange but what I realized that this is her care she showed for me. That she left her bus for me. Even my action was not big but that small action of mine increases my worth for her. Because all she need is someone to whom she can tells about her hardship as she is all time having orders from others and all time listening to others she has no one to listen her and my questions provides her with that opportunity.

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