What Scares Me
Charlie Scaturro

Charlie, I absolutely LOVE reading your work. I very picky about “following” people I am so glad I chose to follow you and your writing.

I had a depressive bout today which kept me in bed until 3:00pm in the afternoon. According to the Myers Briggs personality test, I lie on the 100% feelings spectrum so obviously when I am scared; my mind, body and soul are fully aware of its feel. I am recently developing warmth towards new relationship(s) and the closeness and vulnerability they necessitate is scaring me especially when my trust has been broken so many times before.

However, in every single moment I have to remind myself that a track record doesn’t seal my fate. That because I am still breathing, there is still hope. And the hope is what keeps me plough through even though nothingness seems more calming.

Keep writing!!

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