“Having my family go through an eviction and not being able to talk about it to even a single soul…
Jason McMahon

Thank you for your response, sir. I believe you didn’t find reading the entire piece because where I wrote that I wasn’t able to connect with people, I further on added that I did eventually end up finding those connections by connecting with people WITHIN the academic retreat:

“I gathered the courage to make myself vulnerable outside of my online community….While with some, strangers mostly, I got entrusted back with their inner cores. Together, we trusted and formed new friendships that I believe will last for life.”

And as far as your comment about finding me open in real life, well…that’s a judgment call of the masses who know me in real life. However, I should have been specific and perhaps did not want to call out the Muslim community but it’s only recently since I have moved to an all-Muslim environment. Previously my openness and “vulnerability” was easily reciprocated so I never struggled to make friends no matter what the faith — agnostics, Christians, Jews etc. The community I am in right now is predominantly of one ethnic background where talking about mental health or even real life problems is a taboo. Most of the “problematic” things are kept under the rug. So me speaking and writing about it is perhaps that little crack in the coconut.

Again, thanks for your response. Much appreciated.

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