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In 2017, I discovered that one of my favorite movies, for a variety of reasons, is Sing. My entire family loves it, and we watch it often, while singing all of the songs. One of the songs that we’ve fallen in love with is Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. I know very little about her, as an artist, but I do like the message of the song (Google lyrics for context, if necessary).

Haters gonna hate. This isn’t new. They always have and they always will. Even before this adage became common place; knowing this, could and should be key in how one governs themselves.

Honestly, if I have a criticism of something or someone, I do my best to insure that it’s grounded in reality and facts, and not jealousy or sour grapes. Life is hard enough. There isn’t any point in being miserable about someone else’s well-earned accomplishments.

With all that being said, 2017 was a favorable year for me. I self-published my first novel. I had my first public book reading, and I have received a handful of favorable reviews. The ball is slowly rolling, and I have several people in my corner in my workplace.

Now, I’m not one of those individuals, who can’t take criticism. If someone doesn’t like or takes issue with my work, I can handle it without throwing a tantrum. So imagine my surprise when I discover that one of the individuals, who seemed like she has been in my corner for over a year, was talking trash about me when I wasn’t around. Apparently, naysaying, when others would speak positively about me; making every effort to boast her own accomplishments, as though in direct competition with my own. I have to admit I was surprised, but not hurt. My feelings remain intact.

I also discovered that another co-worker, who has presented themselves as someone with my best interest at heart, tells me to my face that she’ll read my novel, while telling others that she hasn’t yet, because there is too much sex in it. The first question. How would you know, if you haven’t read it? The second question. Why blow smoke up my ass if you’re scared to read it? Honestly, I was slightly less surprised by this development, although, it did piss me off a little, but still… my feelings remain intact.


Because haters gonna hate; and fakers gonna fake.

I never begrudge people their genuine, hard fought successes, nor do I begrudge them the right to partake or not to partake in something, if they don’t want to. Be straightforward. Be up front. Why lie? What’s the point? It only makes you look like shit when the truth comes out. You don’t like or care what I’m doing, then don’t say you do. If you don’t want read what I’ve written, stop saying you will.

All of this becomes even more distasteful, when these same individuals are always touting their personal evolution, and spiritual enlightenment. As perplexing as all this is, it has a positive lean. It allows me to see who is trustworthy and where to draw the line between casual, acquaintance level contact and actual personal involvement.

So, in the prolific words of Taylor Shift….

I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off.