Picture, peaceful.

The smell of puppies. Expansive grass. A sense of completion: a job well and indisputably finished. The sound of gentle rain… and the sound of thick, heavy pelting sheets of a downpour that won’t be stopping any time soon. Watching fish in natural bodies of water.

Lavender… all the lavender. Claude Debussy. Freshly laundered socks. Trust.

Unspoken understanding. The space someone leaves another person for anything or nothing to be said. Comfortable silence.

A breeze cooling fresh sweat, whisking away everything but salt. The come down from an intense exercise. Squelching mud between my toes. Full moons. Fresh well water bubbling out of an irrigation pipe, splashing in to my hands, liquid mineral flavor on my tongue. Radiant heat finding it’s way out of surfaces on summer nights.

A lover’s heartbeat. Preparation — over preparation! Reflecting on moments of compassion when one might easily have acted without it — both giving and receiving them. Secrets told. Gentleness. Honesty.

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