The top 5 reasons your travel startup will fail
Paul Smith

Hi Paul,

Appreciate you sharing the knowledge and experience.

Your article is very comprehensive, to the point and I agree to most of it. In fact, points 1, 2 and 3 are so often mentioned in similar articles, that someone can agree to them without experiencing or even understanding them in deep. However, I feel, your writing (and many other similar ones) assumes 2 things when they write about why a travel startup is probably going to fail:

  1. Either it is going to be a travel planner, or
  2. It is a travel inspiration content based startup

But, both of these ideas have one common (BIG!) flaw — there is no money flowing through the company, which makes it really difficult to find streams of revenue, even if the company has a large user base. Maybe, this is because of the fact that in the last decade, most of the startups have been either of the ones mentioned above.

On the contrary, we are building Zopky, where people can customize their holiday as per their preferences and book it in one go. In a nutshell, it is a neat stitch of airline GDS, and Viator. It has a wider spectrum of things to offer in a more transparent way, compared to what a group tour or a travel agent’s vanilla itinerary can offer. Contrary to point 3 — we get more than 50% of our customers through referral (not online referral programs, but our customers’ word of mouth).

I am really excited to hear your feedback for us. Thanks/sid

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