Why did the elephant cross the road?

The first thing we did was pack up camp and drive across the border to Botswana, and then to the shore of the Okavango Delta. We had lunch, and packed up our stuff into bags and backpacks, and got into the boat that would take us for a water game drive, and end up at our camp for the next two nights.

Although we could hear the hippos, we didn’t actually see one until a few days later. We saw plenty of crocodiles though!

At the Okavango Delta camp, we went on game walks, and a boat ride to watch the sunset, and on a mokoro trip. The mokoro is a sort of canoe that is traditionally dug out of a piece of wood. The ones we used were made of fiberglass though.

After a couple of more days on the road, we found ourselves in the Elephant Camp. As the name suggests, the camp is so frequently visited by elephants due to the waterhole that’s located in the middle of the campsite, that the elephants (and sometimes other animals as well) actually walk by your tent at night. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep, the sound of such huge animals walking by and sometimes brushing by a tent was so intimidating and amazing. We also heard lions on the night we spent there. It was a really humbling and magical experience!

The next day we made our way to Kasane, and the Chobe National Park! We went on a guided boat game drive, and we saw some amazing things. Elephants swimming, crocodiles, hippos, wildebeest, warthogs… we had no trouble finding wildlife there!

The amazing thing about Botswana was that we literally could not drive more than a few kilometres at a time before seeing elephants crossing the road, or giraffes eating, or zebras or warthogs. It was amazing!

Later the same day, we crossed the border to Zimbabwe. I’ll leave that for the next post! -Sid