I Stopped Using Adblock

I hate ads. They are annoying and sometimes bigger than the content we are searching for. Especially the ads that pop up and fill the entire screen. And let’s not forget the ones containing objectionable content which we try to close as quickly as possible lest someone thinks we were up to no good. It was a pain to close all the ads so I can get back to the content I really need. So to ease that pain, I installed Adblock. I absolutely loved it! It got rid of all these banners and gave all my searches a good clean look. Occasionally some sites would ask me to remove the Adblock software because it prevented them from generating ad revenue. I quickly swat away those requests and gulped down those sites’ content anyway. I finally got what I needed.
Recently Apple announced their Safari app in the upcoming iOS 9 would come with built in ad blocking features. I rejoiced. But then I heard the other side voicing their problems. And their problems are quite huge indeed. The sites that offer content and media for free are free because of a reason. All those ads that we see are that reason. If we stop seeing those ads using ad blocking software we please ourselves in the short run. In the long run those content may not be free anymore. We would have to pay for the content we normally wouldn’t. If there is one thing that I don’t like more than ads is spending money. So to keep free content free,I uninstalled Adblock and Adblock Plus. [Yes I used both of them at the same time.]

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