GSoC’20 @OpenMRS | Coding Period | Week 9

Coding Period Week 9

Week 9 experience !!

Honestly this week I wasn’t able to make much progress. I tried to fix the External App Redirect Authentication Flow in keycloak but wasn’t able to make it through. I took a lot of help from my mentor as well but it appears as if we are kind of lost in the depths of keycloak 😅. Actually the SMART-on-FHIR implementation has a lot of moving parts (like SMART App, FHIR versions, OAuth Authentication to EHR) which makes the whole development process very complex. Also we don’t want to write a whole lot of code for this integration stuff because it’ll kind of become an overload for the community developers to actively monitor and maintain it. This is a major reason for using Keycloak as it has a many inbuilt features that we need for SMART App integration with OpenMRS EHR.

Tickets I worked on :

  • FM2–247 Add support for Standalone launch sequence

Challenges faced :

I was able to resolve

Uncaught server error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/keycloak/authentication/actiontoken/DefaultActionToken

error by adding jboss deployment structure to the repository. But I am still getting Invalid action token operation error in keycloak console.

00:05:12,965 WARN  [] (default task-1) type=EXECUTE_ACTION_TOKEN_ERROR, realmId=openmrs, clientId=null, userId=f:8e3467b8-14dd-462e-8bed-5b7c0c565609:1, ipAddress=, error=invalid_code, reason='Invalid action token operation', token_id=a8a90b83-4bf8-4fff-a50a-e7844509d4bb, action=external-app-notification

Plan for Week 10:

Will try to fix Invalid action token operationerror so that external app (Patient selector app) can successfully redirect back to Keycloak with a patient context.

Thanks for reading : )



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