I am — and so are you.

I am at the end of myself. I am trapped in my mind. I have been here several times before. I thought the best way to kill the worst parts of myself was to leave — far away from the places my habits took hold of my life and left me incapable.

Distance. When things are new, I feel different. I feel purpose. I have new strength. I can be who I want.

Truth. The place is irrelevant. Change can happen anywhere, any time. As soon as the new becomes familiar, I snake back into my old way of thinking. My old state of mind.

Change. Change always happens from the inside out. If my mentality towards myself and life remain unchanged, so do I.

I am. The two most powerful words that can change my outcome.

I am crazy. I am nervous. I am confused. I am stuck. I am scattered. I am being unproductive. I am the same. I am never going to figure this out. I am a failure. I am alone.

I am who I say I am.

I am creating my current state of mind.

I am limiting myself.

I am allowing myself to become the person I am scared of.

I have the power to create my future. The more I speak these untruths about myself, the more I lose my ability to see the truth.

Truth. I am none of those things.

The trap. To live in hell is to not know who you really are and what you were made to be. I have trapped myself in a circle of lies that prevents me from doing great things — the things I could do if only I were someone different.

The first step. In order to be truly helpful and create change, I need to accept who I really am. I need to see it. I need to speak it. I need to believe it.

I am unique.

I am talented.

I am a good friend.

I am loving.

I am loved.

I am adaptable.

I am here for a purpose.

I am smart.

I am helpful.

I am a visionary.

I am not my past.

I am capable of greatness.

I am going to figure this out.

I am — and so are you.

I am being restored, daily. I am learning. I am changing. I am here to share my story. I am here. I am not going to limit myself with my own negative self image. I am not my old habits.

I am Sidney, and I am learning to love that.