It Takes a Community: The Story Behind Circle

Leaving Teachable

The consulting incubator

Sahil’s cold email after I launched my first app in 2008 (Memiary)

Solo founder? No thanks!

Rudy & me in Portugal (2019)

The modern community platform for creators

  • Creators and brands need superfans for their products to thrive. A superfan is a strong advocate and a source of feedback — she wants to engage with the creator, and with others like her. She wants to engage with the wider community.
  • Online educators are starting to see learning as a social experience. Learners in tight-knit groups can lead to profound personal growth experiences and have built-in accountability.
  • Communities reinforce a creator’s value to new members. The captured social proof makes new members trust a creator’s products and helps onboard them.
  • Communities generate ideas and solutions in public. If you’re listening, these can be harvested into future opportunities — new features, product lines, and iterations.
  • Communities are built-in distribution for the creator’s projects, which means creators get a long shelf life.

Happy accidents

One of our earliest communities, Makerpad

It takes a community



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