I’d like to correct an earlier version of my (panic-stricken) Medium blog post from July 25, 2018. To correct the public record, please let it be known that, I, Daniel Gordon Sieberg, was fired by The Civil Media Company on July 25 at approximately 5p EDT in New York City at the WeWork office near Park Ave. and told to announce that I left to be with my family. I am deeply sorry to everyone involved and everyone who knew anything that I was not more transparent about what happened up until now but I was so scared. So scared. But. I found courage. So much courage. And I am not afraid anymore.

Details about this and much, much more in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and how decentralization is affecting us all coming very soon and delivered to a much, much broader audience than Medium. It is time for a national discussion and I’m seated at the table. People will eventually maybe see everything that happened to me but much more importantly what happened to others. Everything. The truth. That’s all that matters now to anyone including me; I’m here to help now and I’m sorry.

Thank you, all.

Yours in loss as I work to regain my voice, my good standing and my life. I’ve leaned on the help of others and I owe them my life ahead (starting with the values instilled in me by my parents, Geraldine Laundy and Douglas Sieberg; I won’t be quiet any longer. Starting today. There’s too much at stake way beyond little old me. Gratitude.



- in no particular order: aging lion, crosswalk guard (1984), Queen’s Scout of Canada, bursting-with-pride father of two, storyteller, Canadian/US/global citizen monolinguist mostly (sigh), McDonald’s employee of the month in Jan. 1988, 5-time News & Documentary Emmy nominee, formerly Google (6 years, two promotions), CBS News (4 years, national science and technology correspondent), youth soccer coach (1990–1998, Braefoot Athletics Assiciation), Chief Pencil Sharpener, CNN (6 years, global technology correspondent), ABC News, The Vancouver Sun, B.F.A. ‘98 (UVic, writing, journalism, film), MJ ‘00 (UBC, masters in journalism w/ focus in technology), YMCA volunteer, Bake Break delivery driver, optimistic future DJ, co-editor of two high school yearbooks (1988–1990), author of “The Digital Diet”, recipient of the Rafe Mair Award for Community Journalism (2000), human man

P.S. Please feel free — FREE! — to email me directly and ask me literally anything at all. Or accuse me of something. Or I don’t know — get some coffee? I’m in Brooklyn most (depending on travel) and happy to chat. (daniel.sieberg@gmail.com)

P.P.S. I’m fine! And excited to share my career next steps soon as well. :)