2015 in Review: Let’s Dance All Night!

2015 in Review is a round of the favorite things I played in 2015.

A group of idols has disappeared! And its up to the Investigation Team to find out how, by…dancing?

I’m going to be honest with you: I haven’t finished Persona 4 yet. It took me a long time to beat Persona 3, and by the time I came around to Persona 4 I’d see enough dungeons, and the battles had become a chore. So what I appreciated about Persona Dancing was how it was able to deliver the series’ signature charm and style in a story that runs to completion in less time than it takes for other entry to set themselves up.

The story might get a tad contrived in its attempts to set up excuses for you to dance, but it presents itself with so much genuine emotion and drama you can’t help but buy into it. There’s an earnest passion for dance as an expressive art that runs through it. Each dancer has their own distinct style that feels true to their character, and the choreography remains fun to watch even after several repeated attempts.

I made a lot of those attempts myself, as there are some good remixes by artists like Shinichi Osawa and Akira Yamaoka, whose work neatly complements the orignal compositions by Shoji Meguro. 
The characters in the game make repeated mention of “communicationg their passion” through dance, and Persona Dancing feels like the team’s attempt to do just that.

It’s a feel good chapter in the Persona universe that brings something a little more playful to the table. A little dance party to celebrate a reuninon with characters I missed.

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