How should Kim and Kanye build out their baby naming architecture?

By Aaron Hall

Kim and Kanye announced a new baby is on the way. Big whoop, right? While we don’t typically take on the often-bizarre world of celebrity baby naming here at Siegel+Gale, this particular announcement got our strategic and creative juices flowing.

You see: Kim and Kanye West named their first daughter North West. This raises the question: Will they extend the cardinal direction theme and name their baby South West? Will this make the new baby always feel inferior to his or her elder Northerly sibling? It also got us thinking about several other creative options for how to extend the West Family baby naming architecture.

Here are a few of our expert naming categories and suggestions for the parents to be. (Kanye, we’d be happy to license these to you for a low low annual fee.)

Extending the directional theme:

  • Far West
  • Out West
  • Go West — better if it’s for a young man
  • Dew West — if it’s a girl, this is a great way to build out the directional theme
  • Easton West — all joking aside, this is a pretty amazing name

Western themed:

  • Wild West
  • Wilde West — or even Wild Wilde West
  • Golden West
  • Olde West — if they want to get really old timey: Ye Olde West

In case Kanye is brazen enough to elevate his own children to royalty:

  • Sir West
  • Dame West
  • Lord West
  • Lady West

Of course, there’s a simple solution if they happen to stop at two kids: Next West. And since they’re a musical family, perhaps even SXSWest.

Oh by the way K&K, we hear Adam is already taken.

Aaron Hall is director of naming. Follow Aaron on Twitter: @brainwoosh

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