Masterclass in branding from Beyoncé

By Ashley Reynolds

According to the “Twitterverse”, September 4th should be a national holiday. The birthday of the one and only Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter made social media bow down — three of the top trending terms in the US during the day were being used by fans to send the singer love for her birthday.

Of course, I was one of the millions of well-wishers. As a Beyoncé devotee, I remember my indoctrination as though it — like other life changing events — was only yesterday. I was 10, and my mom took me to the record store so that I could spend the last of my birthday money on an album. Just one look at the cover art of “The Writing’s on the Wall” and I knew without a doubt that that was the CD for me (remember CD’s?). While technically this was Destiny’s Child, there was something about the way that Beyoncé stood out in the front, hands on her hips, a fierce, determined stare; this woman was here, she had something to say, and I was ready to listen.

In a time when the music industry as a whole is struggling, Beyoncé continues her decades of domination by keeping her touchpoints with fans (like myself) consistent, constant and always authentic. While the woman’s talent is undeniable — chart-topping tracks, massively successful tour, multi-million dollar endorsement deals — it’s often the non-musical attributes that her brand speaks to that engenders her fanbase with the confidence, the kinship and the strong message of female empowerment that creates loyal disciples to the brand of Queen Bey.

Brands can learn a lot from Beyoncé’s dominance. Defining and adhering to a clear position to create a consistent experience across all platforms builds loyalty. Whether you are a pop-star, a tech giant or paper towel manufacturer, there is a lesson to be learned from how a superstar like Beyoncé has created a holistic brand experience over the years, something many brands out there still struggle to maintain from one year to another.

By following Beyoncé’s example, it’s possible to build a massively successful brand without having to rock a leotard and sequin glove — some things are better left to the Queen.

Ashley Reynolds is an Account Coordinator at Siegel+Gale. You can follow her on Twitter:@areynolds_SG

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