How to use writing center

Thad Niles

Shijie Mao



How to use Writing center?

When high school students came to college, the first challenge of the college is the writing because the college writing tend to be more academic and formative. So their paper might be in hurry and not so crafted. If students want to improve their paper, absolutely, writing center would help them a lot. And not only in reviewing paper, but also answer question about the prompts, and grammars, and organizations. And going to writing center does not mean a bad writer but mean patient writer.

Using writing center to review your paper, you might get a better perspective about your ideas not only about correction of grammars. Even though correction of grammars would be very important for every paper, there would be many hard works that only could be done by others, especially by a good writer. The biggest difference between personal essay and academic essay is whether the essay is objective. When we write an essay about our study, we even might not notice the problems of being objective. But when we come to writing center, we would solve this problem. Moreover, writing center also could help students to make a better thesis of their paper, because they could help us to better organize the thesis and make our paragraphs more connected.

Writing center could not only help us to review a paper, but also to solve problems which we meet about writing. When students met problems about how to start or how to be a better writer, tutors in writing center would the best choice for them. These tutors are also used to be struggled at first, and they went through these process. Finally, they became good writers, so they would know all of the problems which we might meet now. So when students met problems about how to be better writers, or how to start a paper, just go to writing center.

“keep writing and avoid making problems every time when students write.” This is saying from one of my tutor met in writing center. In other words, if students pay attention not to make mistakes every time, and gradually practice again and again, they would make less mistakes and write more affluently than others. This behavior could keep students to write in a right way,and continuing practicing would also let students form their own way of writing, which is also making less mistakes than others.

Writing center would help us to gain a better perspective of our paper before handing to our professor, and solve every problem about writing. So we need to feel free to go to writing centers. And writing center is not a place for bad writer but a path to good writer.


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