Multi-millionaire at 27. What I learned.
Duncan Riach, Ph.D.

I’m not rich but i see your problem. Its really anoying when you were jung with high ideals and hopes and whatsoever to realize all the implications which come with life.

The most important thing in my life is my wife but besides that, i enjoy (sometimes) doing a lot of different things but i don’t have any real passion.

Thats when i really like to just work which is frustrating and stupid on another level. When work becomes entertainment equaly to other entertaining things like watching a movie, going out, doing charity or whatever.

The pursuide for happines is so old and still no answer exists.

You probably have it even harder than me (which sounds stupid when you think about it, you have millions, i don’t):

I have goals i still have to work for.

On the other hand, interessting that you choice to write ‘clickbaitworthy articles’ as a spare time entertainment.

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