Balancing College Friendships

Balancing social life with school was difficult when working on any kind of school work. Probably one of the greatest struggles of college is having to do schoolwork while friends are doing much more fun things like climbing or going to concerts and other activities of that nature. I had to learn how to balancing these aspects to cater to my classes and activities and had to sacrifice a few things that I enjoy in the process. With all the drawbacks that giving up some of my social life it will still be worthwhile for the academic part and still being able to have fun with others.

One major part of college life is the ability to keep a balanced schedule with enough restrictions to keep up with grades and work and enough free time to have fun with friends. Being on the Western XC and Track team has made balancing fun and school work. Our team often has lots of fun together and lots of studying for exams together and is great motivation to do better in school. When school is what brings a group of friends they all motivate each other to do better and help each other.

When working on my podcast project I found how friendships impact other people and the way they view friendships. Many of the people I interviewed for the podcast project told me their social experiences changed a lot since their years in high school. In high school many of them didn’t have many friends they still keep in college and have moved on. These college friendships aren’t all the same after high school. Some of the students I interviewed said they, “didn’t talk to old friends at all,” or “haven’t made any new friends.” College students’ experiences are some of the best accounts of college friendships because they’re first hand experiences.

When balancing social life and academic life many people have different perspectives on how to do so. In OAT project I came up with a theory that said that how first year college students deal with balancing their social activities is up to them but how they still need to do so if to succeed at their studies. While making the project I found a few sources relating to this topic. In the article called “Social Pursuit of Academics” by Robert E. Harlow and Nancy Cantor the author mentions people living their lives to the fullest while achieving all their academic standards. In the article the author says, “Prior investigations with college students have revealed that academics is consensually regarded as an important task, associated with repeated challenge and much effort,” (Harlow, Cantor, page 1). What I put in the OAT project is students usually regard school as an important task to complete and isn’t usually taken for granted but still find time to enjoy themselves.

College is an important time for first year students going into college for the first time. The OAT project and the podcast project both do well at conveying how important this is to students and the podcast project especially is good for capturing people’s personal opinions on the matter. Finding a neutral option for dealing with school work and fun times with friends is necessary for the students’ success at school. I have had easy and hard times in college and some of those hard times are choosing to go out to spend time with friends when I should’ve been doing homework. Balancing those two aspects is difficult for many people to say the least but is the key for success in college and will be as long as academics matter and people still have friends.


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