[Day 0] Cancer
Thuy Muoi

Dear Thuy,

When I heard that there was news about you and asked if I knew you. I was expecting to hear that you had closed a major round to turn your dreams into reality. However my heart sank when I heard your sad news.

I wanted to share a story of another inspirational women. Jo Malone fought her stage IV breast cancer and is now back on top of the world.

I am in London today and will find her and see if she can send you a personally fight message.

I know we didn’t get to know each other better beyond the earlier years of our initial return to Vietnam but from afar I knew you were going places. To achieve what you have during those years took tenacity and passion.

Sadly I know rather well what it means to be given such a prognosis by the doctors.

You are a fighter and entrepreneur, we all know you won’t give up and will be by your side on your bravest of journies.

With the fighting spirit you have you too will beat cancer and continue your journey with a bigger army of fans and supporters.

Update: I managed to find Jo Malone after hearing about your new journey and got a copy with a personal message from her. She beat stage IV cancer and is now on top of the world. You can do it!