Sientje, you’re committing the exact same offense as the Catholics: you’re using the Bible to…
Tom Christy

wait a minute to the christian the Bible the Word of God, Now the Bible in Leveticus 22 verse 18 strictly forbids homosexual relationships. it is called an “abomination” since you are probably not a christian so try and follow what I am saying okay. If the Lord God the creator of heaven and earth, calls in an abomination, then if homosexuals do not listen to the Lord God, they are then called sons of disobedience, and are condemned already, unless they turn to Christ whom God sent to seal the new covenant with His blood, see Jeremiah 31 verse 31, who when they repent of these lusts of the flesh , and turn away from these sins, and ask Christ to come into their hearts to cleanse them of these carnal sins, then they will be reconciled through Christ suffering,. If not they are condemned already as they mock Christ suffering and only bring the wrath of God upon themselves and those that promote and condone same. whether secular has given permission only hasten the day of the lord bring on the days of vengeance

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