“Dont you have it backwards that the state is forcing their athiest views on christians by…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Why do we not have the right to tell them to repent of their sinful lifestyle in order that they maybe saved? of course to an atheists this is nonsence but to a christian one is commanded to love their neighbor as oneself? So that they will be saved from satan’s power and not be condemned along with the rest of the world.Remember the Law “thou shalt love the Lord Thy God with all your heart, mind and soul, and the second being “to love one’s neighbor as oneself” it is my humble opinion one cannot love their neighbor as themselves if the love of God does not reside in the human heart. As for abortions, No christian asks a person to be punished for having sex, having an abortion is inducing punishment on the child within the womb. as for it being blob, then how come you grew into a baby at birth? You are playing God as He has the power of life and death. not your and your manmade laws.

And yes read the Koran where it tells them to kill the infidels and it will become a reality they dont preach repentance but “convert or die” so even if homosexuals converted, they are against homosexuality. now you understand?

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