In the first place, you’re wildly off-topic. This article has to do with the Al Smith dinner.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

you also with your rant know nothing as Hillary even if she attends church is not christian at heart, “by their fruits ye will know them” she is for same sex unions, what is written in Leviticus “man shall not lie with mankind, as with woman kind it is an “abomination” both of them shall be put to death” now what is plainer than that? since Christ came to call sinners to repentance and they do not repent of their perversion, does that not show they are unrepentant and disobedient to theWord of God, abortions, the woman who has an abortion is usually selfish and punish the child for her and her pardners having fun. as not all abortions are of rape or that the mother life is in danger, most abnormal fetishes are aborted on their own which is called a miscarriage have you heard of that? and the murder of the child within is on par with sacrificing infants to a god, she is guilty of promoting sinfull ways. Hope she repents and why on earth do you suppose she is bringing in hundred of thousand Islamic people if the birth rate in America is growing and healthy? don you have people already on food stamps and your deficit growing even when I typing this by the seconds? remember Germany, their deficit grew at the same rate 22 million marks per second during the depression. America is in distress and you are hiding your head in the sand, and beside I am not an American. dont you have a love for God and country, being a surrogate mom is not from the Lord either, you have opened the door of America to evil and and it wont stop at the entrance but permeate you and those who stand with Hillary. good luck with bringing your nation out of the distress it is in. Did you know Putin is the only one left fighting Isis, even the roman catholic church has joined by pushing the Islamic migrants into other countries and the pope believing that the Koran and the Bible are the same. Of course that is nothing new did the Vatican not also sign a treaty with Hitler to stay silent if they would leave their churches alone? history repeats itself. Will the Lord not withdraw its blessing from America, as the heart of the people is to follow wickedness? pray for America as she is doomed.

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