Can Storytelling be as Timeless as it Seems?

Storytelling is the term we should use to talk about content marketing trends and practices. It has revolutionized through time and has been the centerfold for many successful trends in marketing.

What we need to know first off, is what storytelling actually means. Story telling is a quality story with many layers that reaches out to the public in a way that makes them engaged toward a brand, emotionally. The term storytelling can be overused at times, or it would not be known as a “buzzword” in media and content marketing. Storytelling can be controversial in the realm of content marketing because some don’t look into how useful storytelling can be. Some argue that story telling is just telling a story, which it may very well be, but the components of a good story that sells to the people is what truly makes storytelling come alive and appeal to large audiences. Experts too think it could lean both ways depending on the one discussing storytelling. “Emotional branding is a progressive marketing strategy that has the potential to drive revenue and increase customer retention,” a content marketing specialist from i-SCOOP said.

Personally, I think storytelling does get thrown around being another buzzword, however I think storytelling can be the most compelling avenue in content marketing for some brands. Likewise, if you have an advertisement that needs to appeal to the audience in an emotional way, storytelling is perfect for that. It is an easy way, when done right, to appeal and get the audience intrigued in the brand that is being marketed. And quite frankly, sticks with most people the most. In statistics presented by Brafton, a Content Marketing Agency, said 60 percent of people remember stories where only 5 percent of people remember stats. A drastic difference when it comes to choosing what avenue to use to market appropriately for a company.

In the article, Why Storytelling Will Be the Biggest Business Skill of the Next 5 Years by Shane Snow he explains how storytelling is has been a buzzword since advertising became a thing and describes how the term is so strong, even today because of it being such a timeless skill. This alone shows that storytelling is very well still a strong practice to hone in audiences. However, the term storytelling can also be seen in a negative light. For instance, in the article “Why i hate the “storytelling” buzzword…”, written by Bobby Rettew, he describes how the term actually pisses him off. He also discusses how he has been watching organizations claim the term yet not deliver a quality piece other than putting investment in technology. Rettew believes there are organizations that can produce rich content, it just comes down to defining a “Good Story.”

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