Community. Today was a special day! I met a local artist that was happy to donate a piece of his art to help raise money for my friend/co-worker battling with breast cancer. I’ve put together a couple raffles at the salon for Janell and wanted this next one to have a community feel to it. I put it out there in social media land and right away Mike Becker offer to help. What a fabulous feeling! Mike has done so much for the local artists here. Not only shareing light on their work but also helping in artists meeting other artists. It’s great! I’m very proud of the small place I live in because I know I have a strong community. When you are a hairdresser in a small town(full of salons) it’s great to be seen and known and connect with people and help out your neighbors! Today I am grateful. Have pride in what you do and where you are.

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