Am I Publishing Enough Content?

The question every artist ask themselves.

Content. Artists are creating to build a portfolio. We love to do what we do in order to influence someone or make a statement on something. Those nights when we aren’t sleeping we are adding to our collection and redefining just who we are. But, the question we ask ourselves happens to be, when is enough enough?

Our content is like a museum. You can walk down the halls and take a look at where we went, where we’re going, and how we’re doing. When your content isn’t as good you can gain inspiration when comparing it to other works that were horrible.

Content as an effect on our craft that most don’t understand. It doesn’t matter if we’re a musician, writer, or painter. The more content we have the more we can look back and realize our growth. You may look at something and think, “gosh, that could have been awfully better,” or, “I hated it but so many people loved it.” This will create a sense of awe for what’s happening in the present.

You keep in mind what worked tentatively well for people, what didn’t, and then you’re maneuvering to create art that others and yourself will enjoy. You wouldn’t have been able to do this without that vast portfolio.

My answer, there is never enough content. In fact, you should be pushing yourself to make as much as you can so that your skills will never waiver. Content is the center of our existence and without it we can’t gauge our growth.

So, stop reading this article and go create.