End of Semester Woes

to the unmotivated students.

I’m sitting in class writing this article, in this very moment. I’m looking around at my classmates as they’re critiquing screenwriting and I’m thinking to myself, “how do you all still have energy?” These critiques are active, they’ve read all of the pieces and are more than willing to converse about the edits.

On the contrary, my brain is fried and I can’t find the motivation to finish my pieces for any of my other classes. I graduate on Friday and I’m sure that this last bit of work will make or break my degree. But, the main question is: how do we deal with the end of the semester woes?

First and foremost, please realize that you aren’t alone. There are at least 1,000 more students all over the nation that feel this way. For some odd reason, 2018 hasn’t been the best year for much of anyone. With that being said, don’t be surprised if your Fall or Spring semester of 2018 is horrible. It happens. It’s something about the climate, I believe, that is throwing everyone off.

There have been numerous articles that point to bad weather being the blame. Web MD published a column explaining how even the simplest rainy day can throw us off. There has even been research published about Season Affective Disorder where the change in season can affect mood. With all of these wildfires, earthquakes, and hurricanes, trust me when I say that you’re not alone.

You might be beating yourself up trying to turn in all those last minute assignments, but stop. Realize that if you take as much time as you need to procrastinate then you’re more likely to turn in quality work. You never said that you would never do it; in the mean time of not stressing it, realize that all of the work is now being organized. You can reprioritize it.

If it’s not that important it can be neglected all together. Or, you can tackle it as soon as you face your fears. Studies do show that procrastination is in accordance with anxiety, shame, and avoidance of what we can do or won’t do. More than likely, you’re procrastinating for the right reasons. Keep at it.

If you’re bored in all of your classes or you’re feeling depleted give yourself a break. It’s okay to just give up sometimes. I’m not saying to become a quitter at life, but realize that everything is going to be just fine.

Taking care of yourself after a long semester is important. Research shows how a break can make you more available in your relationships, in your assignment, and on the job. You’ll want to do more when you give yourself time to recharge and you aren’t shoving task after task down your throat. Go for a walk. Lay down your laptop. Get back to it later.