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Sierra Ayonnie
Jan 19 · 3 min read

The Profiles

I was inspired to start a profile collection (one that I have been wanting to do for a long time) when I ran into Joy, a long time friend of mine, sharing Essays on FaceBook.

Profile collection: a series of articles, The Profiles, about different people along my journey of writing. These people have either inspired the progression of my craft or were character inspirations for my novels.

Essays W/ SA has a group that I love for members to join because they are able to remain steadily up to date with all of the articles that I’m publishing on a daily basis. If you join and share my group then I won’t mind creating a profile about you!

I’m really grateful for the share because I’m always looking for new readers or people that want to contribute to the group. But, more than that there are just some friends that you meet as a kid and can’t get rid of, Joy happens to be one of them.

You see, I just published an article about the importance of friendships. In the article, I talked about how you may feel as if life has your back against the wall but by having strong bonds with people you’re able to reorient your world.

If Joy wouldn’t have taken ten seconds out of her day to share Essays then I would have never felt the need to start The Profiles.

So, picture this, you’re turning nine years old and you invite friends over to your house in order to celebrate your birthday. You weren’t the most popular during those years of being in middle school, but you did have some good bonds or people that you can hang onto. They all came over and your dad made hotdogs. You remember your one friend, Joy, getting mad because she couldn’t eat McDonalds and so she’s angry at a bus stop. You’re trying to stop her from leaving and catching the bus, but the next thing you know you’re 21, post grad from college, and even though she left your house as a little girl she’s still somewhere on the internet supporting your work.

In my opinion, that’s a timeless bond that doesn’t have a time stamp on it. And, you can’t really go wrong with having those kinds of people in your corner. While you may be advocating for your work, your friends may be advocating a bit more than what you realize. I believe, that’s a great life, one that’s worth living.

More than that, Joy has always been a jovial person. From jokes in elementary, to middle, and then in high school I can’t really recall a time where she’s ever did something completely out of the way to me. She has the personality of a warrior, I remember talking to her about the death of her mother and how to cope during college. And, even with life’s pressures she’s the kind of person that doesn’t mind going out of her way to see the success of the people that she cares about dearly.

There are no words to express how grateful I am for the share. I’m hoping that I can get many more and write thousands of profiles because I love taking the time to savor the essence of someone through my craft.

So, if you loved this one, make sure you share Essays W/ SA and I’ll say thank you through a profile!

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