Why Thinking is Killing Your Business and Your Cash Flow

As an empowerment coach I get to talk to women daily who are looking to change their lives, but they don’t know how to get there. I get on the phone and ask them to paint their ultimate vision and then I sit back and bask in the glory of their dream. We walk through some of the obstacles they are able to acknowledge (so far). Then, if I feel they are ready and coachable, I let them know how I can help.

That’s when I get “Let me think about it and circle back around to you.”

Here’s what I used to do:

  • Say something like, “Ok, let me know when you are ready!”
  • Follow up with an email with tons more details and a special offer.
  • Reach out a few more times until I either get them back on the phone or they stop responding.

Why is this not a good choice for your client?

Because you know better. You know how to help them. They came to YOU because they know you have the answers!

My job as a coach is to empower my clients to be a F*%K YES or a F*&K NO!

In Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, author Elizabeth Gilbert states, “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.”

Remember: You are there in that moment because they need your guidance.

Remind your clients that they have the power to make whatever decision is right for them, whether that is a YES or a NO. Operating from this perspective empowers them to make the decision that is truly in alignment with their goals. It also sends a clear signal that you are there to help them regardless of their choice and that you value your time enough to not chase them or anyone else. After all, they are coming to you for your expertise; and there is nothing more attractive than a confident person in service.

Perhaps most importantly, I learned that if I don’t live MY life this way, with even the smallest decisions, then I cannot expect anything different from my clients.

Here’s why:

Trusting yourself calls in the right clients and the cash. Tony Robbins tells a great story about the day he became a wealthy man. He had about $20 to his name and decided to use it wisely and walk three miles to an all-you-can-eat buffet. As he was in the restaurant he sees a well dressed grade schooler opening the door for an attractive woman. He was so impressed he walked over to the kid’s table and says, “That was a nice thing for you to do for your date!” The child smiled and said, “That’s my mom!” Tony smiled too and said, “Even better! It’s wonderful you are taking her on a date.” The kid bashfully said, “Oh I can’t afford to take her on a date. I don’t have a job. I am only eleven”. Tony without hesitation, reached into his pocket and gave the suited up boy all he had left.

Without knowing where his next meal was coming from, how he would put gas in his car, let alone his bills, Tony walked home like he was walking on sunshine! The next morning he woke up and checked his mail like usual. In an envelope he found a check for $1000 plus interest from a friend he had lent money too.

The truth is simple, if you don’t jump, you can’t fall… but you can’t fly either.

Photo credit: Amber Curto

I credit the inspiration for this article from my dear friend and mentor Malaine Lea, Lifestyle Architect and Wealth Mindset Coach. My life and my business would not be the same without her! Witness the amazing transformations from some of Malaine’s client’s here. ❤

Sierra Rasmussen is Chief Empowerment Officer and Authenticity Coach of Empowerment University. She is on a mission to empower millions of women across the globe! The belief that the true source of happiness and success comes when you live authentically is at the foundation of her message. As a woman who has overcome a wide range of adversity from heartbreak, layoffs, overwhelming debt, and sexual abuse, Sierra proudly embraces the role as a lighthouse for women showing them that their dream life is possible. She can be found globetrotting on Instagram @sierraceo and sharing how to live a more authentic empowered life on Facebook @empowermentuniversity.