New location for SIERRA: website and its features

  1. Scalability
  2. Knowledge base
  3. Contact representatives for connection information to Solar Proof of Work
  4. More information about SPOW algorithm
  5. Modified Roadmap
  6. Updated Whitepaper (for mass users as well as later for developers of solar energy monitoring systems and solar manufacturers)
  7. Blog
  8. Information block of solar energy news
  9. Extended information on the partnership with Sierracoin
  10. Translation and localization of the site not other languages will also be added in the next minor updates of the site.

The main website will be launched on September 15, 2019 and will be constantly updated, we will…

We are very happy to introduce to you our new USA Ambassador Charles Phythian, owner and operator of “Capillary”, a micro-fintech company, primarily focused on different aspects of the crypto business, based out of Marin County California, residing on the beautiful Northern shores of San Francisco Bay, California.

There are many important and exciting developments on the horizon with anonymity guiding and new technology, like the Solar Proof of Work currently under development in SIERRACOIN Labs. We are officially entering into a partnership where we have coined, as it were, the SIERRA project, a “Gem-Key Coin Project”, meaning to accelerate…

We would like to get your ideas on how our project should be improved.
Also, if you have a public question, you can write it here!
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Sierracoin Foundation is happy to announce its partnership with Ninghai Xutai New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., founded in 2015 with a market capital of ¥500,000,000 (4.6M). Ninghai Xutai New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. has commitment to domestic environmental protection of new energy projects in the field of development, construction and operation in investment enterprises.

In a declaration of support for SIERRA project has been allocated 5 MW of energy to test the algorithm for the conversion of solar energy into Sierracoin (SPOW)

1. Listing of the New big platform for the hosting of your Masternodes
2. Mobile Wallet included with SIERRA, BTC and others
3. News concerning negotiations with partners from China.
4. Choosing the next exchange for SIERRA/BTC
5. Internal work on the SPOW algorithm continues.
6. Collection of applications for testing SPOW continues.
7. Internal discussion of hardfork parameters and time with partners.
8. A small advertising company in the Asian region (preparation of documents and promotional materials)

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